10 Famous Female Scientists in History · 1: Dorothy Hodgkin Won the Nobel Prize for developing protein crystallography which determined the structure of bio. Marie Curie is a famous female scientist who discovered radioactive elements and won two Nobel Prizes. Caroline Herschel was the first female to discover a. And while it's important to know about her contributions to science, many people's knowledge of women in STEM ends there. So today I'm going to help fix that. In the later nineteenth century, the rise of the women's college provided jobs for women scientists and opportunities for education. Marie Curie paved the way. Women have long played an important but often unacknowledged role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Until the mids, women faced the.

Rediet Abebe. Rediet is a computer scientist hailing from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. · Kamelia Aryafar · Safra Catz · Roshni Nadar Malhotra · Zhou Qunfei · Maria Raga. As a Black woman in STEM in the s, Katherine Johnson broke gender and race barriers to become one of the most influential women in computer science. She. What Are Some of the Famous Female Scientists Who Changed the World? · 1. Ada Lovelace, Mathematician · 2. Marie Curie, Physicist and Chemist · 3. Janaki Ammal. One of the greatest scientific minds of all time, Marie Curie was the first person to study the Theory of Radioactivity and discovered that we could split an. In , Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, were awarded the ultimate science prize for their breakthrough research on CRISPR technology and became the. For example, British crystallographer Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and American geneticist Barbara McClintock made important discoveries that were duly recognized. Many of the people who contributed to developments in science and technology were women: researchers like Chien Shiung Wu, astronomers like Maria Mitchell, and. Someone did mention at least one well-known female scientist, Marie Curie, two-time winner of the Nobel Prize. But the professors dismissed even Curie as merely. Female pioneers of science: Contemporary Max Planck women scientists on three female trailblazers in science who persevered despite often daunting social.

Katherine Johnson was a NASA mathematician who helped calculate the flight path for NASA's first manned space mission in , and made important calculations. Marie Curie was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize for discovering radium and polonium. Her work in radiation paved the way for new cancer treatments. Most influential women in British science history · Caroline Herschel () · Mary Somerville () · Mary Anning () · Elizabeth Garrett. Women Do Science, Too · Women in Chemistry · Paula Hammond · Women & Science Collection · Crowdfunding Radium · Interview with Jennifer Doudna · Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. 10 Famous Women in STEM · Ada Lovelace · The ENIAC Programmers · Margaret Hamilton · Carol Shaw · Grace Murray Hopper · The Harvard "Computers" · Annie Easley. Annie Easley. Excerpt of the edited oral history transcript of a human computer and computer programmer at NASA's Glenn Research Center. Read the Oral History. Undeniably famous in the tech world, Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper was an esteemed computer scientist and one of the first computer programmers to work on the. Polish-born physicist and chemist Marie Curie became the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, which she received "[for] the discovery of. Women in Science - a historical perspective · minutes for chemistry · Mary Anning (–) · Marie Curie (–) · Grace Hopper (–) · Rachel.

Florence Rena Sabin Florence Rena Sabin. Florence Sabin. Florence Rena Sabin was an American anatomist and investigator known for her research on the. 10 Famous Women Scientists in History · 1- MARIE CURIE · 2- JANE GOODALL · 3- MARIA MAYER · 4- RACHEL CARSON · 5- ROSALIND FRANKLIN · 6- BARBARA MCCLINTOCK · 7- RITA. 13 Female Scientists Every Kid Should Know About · Marie Curie was a famous female scientist · Rachel Carson was a female scientist · Alice Eastwood is a famous. Ada Lovelace did not conform to traditional gender roles and expectations, focusing on mathematics and coding in a time when women were not taught math. She.

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